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Article: Spring Outdoor Workouts

Spring Outdoor Workouts

After a lengthy winter that possibly felt even longer than usual due to the emergence of the covid omicron variant, the impulse to get outside, for many of us, is stronger than ever. Below, we dive into some outdoor workout ideas, the benefits associated with taking your workouts outside, and some styling to tips to ensure you remain comfortable, cool, and stylish, regardless of your activity.

Mondetta female models on a hiking trail, wearing Mondetta brand activewear

The Workouts

1. On the Trail

Grab your reusable water bottle, pack a granola bar or two, and throw on some of your favourite pieces before immersing yourself in the restorative properties of nature by going on a hike. Enlist some friends to make it a group activity or tread the path solo to engage in some me-time; either way, you’ll immediately appreciate all of the great outdoors has to offer when surrounded by the regeneration of spring.

2. On the Asphalt

Keep it in the city by taking it to the courts—basketball or tennis—for a bit of sporting fun. Shooting hoops or hitting a ball against the wall by yourself or meeting some friends to make a proper afternoon of it, the convenience of popping down to your local sports facility can’t be beat.

3. On the Field

Soccer, touch football, ultimate (frisbee), or even just a bit of catch with a ball and two mitts, the possibilities for a spring workout at the park are endless. Throw on a light Mondetta jacket before heading out to stay prepared for whatever the weather may bring.

Two Mondetta female models on bicycles, riding through a city park, wearing Mondetta brand activewear

The Benefits

1. You Try Harder

Exercising outside inspires you to push yourself further for longer. Studies have shown that older individuals who engaged in physical activity outdoors did so for 30 minutes longer than those who remained inside. The outdoors has an invigorating quality that motivates you to try your best.

2. Increased Enjoyment

Similar to the previous point, exercising outside is more enjoyable than doing crunches on your living room floor or moving from one machine to the next at the gym. Increased pleasure causes us to try harder and can be a natural mood booster. Feeling stressed after a long day? Throw on some of your favourite Mondetta pieces, head outside, and have a great time moving your body.

3. Better Mental Health

Nature has a way of making people feel calm, and exercising outside can strengthen that effect. Not only will you enjoy yourself more, as we mentioned in the previous point, your feelings of anger, stress, depression, and anxiety will decrease as well. Exercise and the outdoors are your easy fix for a brighter mood.

4. Save Money

Gym memberships, personal trainers, and at-home gym equipment can get pricey. Popping out for a spot of exercise, conversely, costs nothing, apart from appropriate shoes and apparel. Mondetta’s accessible clothing makes taking your workouts outdoors a breeze.

Mondetta female model wearing a white space-dyed Mondetta zip up top

What to Wear

Like workouts during the winter, layering remains vital when taking your activities outdoors, though not to the same extent. In the early days of spring, the weather can vary, making remaining prepared your best bet to ensure you’ll remain focused on your workout, not on what you’re wearing.

Base Layers

Opt for short sleeve tops in moisture-wicking and stretchable fabrics to keep you cool and dry and enhance your movement, not hinder it.

Mid or Top Layers

Ultralight long sleeve tops or jackets will provide protection when you need it when it rains, or the wind picks up.

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