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Article: Spring 2022 Sustainable Wardrobe Update

Spring 2022 Sustainable Wardrobe Update

Equipped with some information and a few tips from us, you can update your wardrobe to be more sustainable and reduce your environmental impact.

With the advent of fast fashion, clothing is no longer meant for longevity and is designed to be disposed of after 3-5 uses. This has to stop. The amount of clothing and shoe waste produced every year should make us far more mindful of what we buy and how we use the styles we acquire.

Below, we delve into the characteristics of a sustainable wardrobe, why you should aim to create one, and some tips on making your clothing assortment more sustainable.

Mondetta female model sitting on the grass in a city park, wearing Mondetta brand activewear

Key Aspects of a Sustainable Wardrobe

An ideal sustainable clothing wardrobe focuses on the following:

Consists of multifunctional garments that you can repeatedly wear regularly.

- Versatile garments that you can wear in different settings maximize utility.

Always puts quality and longevity at priority.

- Opting for more durable fabrics that can withstand repeated wearing and washing extends the lifecycle of your garment.

Consists of sustainable fashion brands.

- Shopping brands like Mondetta, which creates responsibly made and sustainably sourced garments, allows you to rest assured the products you purchase have a minimal environmental impact.

Mondetta male model standing outside by a building, wearing a navy blue Mondetta brand shirt

Why Should You Try to Create a Sustainable Clothing Wardrobe?

Reduces decision fatigue - by only opting for high-quality pieces, every item in your closet becomes a standout piece you won’t think twice about wearing.

Saves you time in shopping and planning - instead of searching for new brands to shop for, sticking to your sustainable favourite, like Mondetta, means you know exactly where to go when updates are required.

How to Build a Sustainable Wardrobe?

By making a few small changes, you can become an informed consumer who keeps sustainability in front of mind when making sartorial decisions. If more of us begin to invest in becoming greener consumers, the overall impact could be significant. Here’s a list of things you can do to build a sustainable wardrobe:

1. Research

Become an informed consumer. Many brands out there engage in ‘green-washing’ by making unverified claims on the sustainability of their products. At Mondetta, as part of becoming a certified B Corp™ organization, we’ve made dramatic changes at every step of our supply chain to back up our sustainability assertions.

2. Organize your Wardrobe

Revisit your wardrobe and organize your closet. Look at your clothing, categorize, and segregate what you wear and what you don’t. Exchange those in the ‘Do Not Keep’ pile with friends during clothing swaps which can be a fun way to reduce the number of items you have.

Mondetta female model in a mint green hoodie, walking down a city sidwalk

3. Donate Rather than Discard

Discarded textiles directly lead to textile waste. To minimize the amount of clothing in landfills, consider donating your used clothes to those in need or thrift stores.

4. Pay Attention to Care Instructions

By caring for your clothes properly and maintaining them as they’re meant to be treated, you can extend the lifecycle of your garments by years.

5. Focus on Quality Fabrics

To increase longevity, as we mentioned above, focus on garments made from high-quality fabrics and constructed with durability in mind. Better-made clothing lasts longer.

And, of course, shop for sustainable fabric compositions like organic cotton, recycled polyester, merino wool, and modal, to name a few.

Building a sustainable wardrobe requires intention and investment, but the rewards and results far outweigh the costs when you realize you’re making a concerted effort to do your part to save the planet.

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