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About The Mondetta Brand

Founded in Canada in 1986, Mondetta – which combines the French word ‘monde’ (world) with the Latin suffix ‘etta’ (small) – was created with the ambitious goal to harmonize the globe. Developing simple yet sophisticated sportswear with unique flag-bearing sweatshirts, Mondetta skyrocketed to success creating a ‘A Spirit of Unification’, selling clothing and uniting people around the world.

Fast-forward to today, 30+ years since our humble beginnings, Mondetta has evolved from a sportswear brand to a global leader in sustainable, technical, lifestyle and active wear. Fashion, quality and attainable prices have always been at the forefront of our designs and product development, and by staying true to those principals we have been able to create an activewear brand perfect for both the elite athlete and the general sweaty pursuits of everyday life.

We believe in designing pieces that work with and for you, making your yoga class easier and your everyday more comfortable. We believe that this solution doesn’t have be expensive and it’s important to us that we’re an accessible, attainable brand – think of us as your newfound best secret!

We are a Certified B Corporation™

We have always believed in innovative fashion, responsible design and the fair treatment of our employees and customers. Building on our responsibility mission, in 2020 we set an ambitious goal to achieve B Corp™ Certification, the highest standard of verified social and environmental responsibility. In January 2021 we reached this milestone and officially became a Certified B Corporation™.

As a certified B Corp™, we’re continually working toward higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, accountability and giving back to the community.

Learn About Environmental, Social & Governance at Mondetta