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Going Forward By Giving Back

Traditional indigenous smudge ceremony with a motif blanket, cast iron skillet, dried sage and matchbox

Truth and Reconciliation Day

On September 30th, our offices are closed, and we’re taking a moment to recognize the legacy of the Canadian Indian residential school system that, for over a century, caused immeasurable harm to g...

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Bram Strain, President of the Business Council of Manitoba, speaking to Mondetta staff

Indigenous Education Awards

Mondetta Clothing and Business Council of Manitoba’s Indigenous Education Awards Read about how Mondetta is focusing our philanthropic efforts by providing financial assistance to Indigenous youth ...

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Front entrance and sign of the Winnipeg Harvest building

Mondetta Gets Involved

Committed to taking action and making a positive change in our community, the Mondetta Community Service team completed its inaugural volunteer experience at a local food bank, Manitoba Harvest.

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African American female wearing a black logo t-shirt in front of a multi-coloured wall

The Pride Collection

To celebrate Pride Month 2022, our design team created a capsule collection of styles that celebrate what LGBTQ+ awareness is all about: Inclusivity, diversity, and personal expression.

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School children at Kamwokya school in Uganda, in class with raised hands and pencils

Mondetta Charity Foundation

For nearly 20 years, MCF has focused on education, nutrition, healthcare, and gender equality to provide children in East Africa an opportunity to realize their full potential.

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A group of women in MPG clothing doing an exercise workout in a warehouse studio setting

Reproductive Rights are Human Rights

To have full body autonomy and make essential choices that have far-reaching consequences, women everywhere must be able to make family-planning decisions freely, responsibly, and with full access ...

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