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Article: Truth and Reconciliation Day

On September 30th, our offices are closed, and we’re taking a moment to recognize the legacy of the Canadian Indian residential school system that, for over a century, caused immeasurable harm to generations of individuals who were systematically stripped of their language and culture and suffered horrific abuse and death.

Debbie Laramee, speaks to Mondetta staff about Truth and Reconciliation

Earlier this week, we invited Brian McLeod, Principal at Strong Heart Consulting, to come back to lead our staff in an education session that delved into the details of the residential school system. He was joined by his colleague at Strong Heart, Debbie Laramee, who helped with a smudging purification ceremony. The event provided deeper meaning and understanding to our entire team, who were deeply and profoundly touched by the history of residential schools and the cleansing ritual that followed.

Having previously donated $100,000 to the Business Council of Manitoba's Indigenous Education Awards, Mondetta Clothing donated another $50,000 to mark the day and provide indigenous youth in the province an opportunity to forge a brighter future.

No one can erase the atrocities of the past, but together we can all try to make things better moving forward.

Brian McLeod, speaks to Mondetta staff about Truth and Reconciliation and prepares a smudge ritual
Mondetta staff learn about Truth and Reconciliation Day

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