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Article: Blake Wheeler Takes #theMAchallenge

Blake Wheeler

Blake Wheeler Takes #theMAchallenge

If anyone knows about performing at the top of your game, it is professional hockey player Blake Wheeler, captain of the Winnipeg Jets in the National Hockey League (NHL). For Blake, hockey isn’t merely a sport, it’s his life.

Blake Wheeler X Modern Ambition

Hailing from Plymouth, Minnesota, Blake was born and raised with hockey in his blood and it was clear from a young age, to coaches and teammates alike, his passion and natural ability would see him reach the highest echelons of the sport. His hard work and dedication paid off in 2008 when Blake made his NHL debut with the Boston Bruins. In 2011, Blake was traded to the Atlanta Thrashers and in that same year, the team was relocated to Winnipeg, Canada and renamed the Jets.

Blake Wheeler X Modern Ambition

Blake’s personal mantra is simple: work hard and be nice to people. With those principles guiding everything he does, it’s no surprise that this team captain is also an all-time fan favorite. At only 33, he’s already considered a veteran in the league with impressive career highlights that include representing the US Olympic Men’s Hockey Team at the 2014 Winter Olympics. Recognized not only as a top player on the Winnipeg Jets but also across the entire NHL roster, this all-star’s career is on fire with no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Blake Wheeler X Modern Ambition

Clocking countless miles in transit, Blake and his teammates travel to over 40 away games a season (not including playoffs) and whether at home or on the road, they’re always required to suit up to convey professionalism and to shift their mindset to a game-day mentality. With such a grueling travel schedule, comfort and performance functionality is just as important to him as a stylish ensemble, which is why he won’t hit the road without his Modern Ambition suit, effortlessly taking him from game days to team dinners to cross-county flights and beyond. Wearing Modern Ambition, Blake always appears composed and polished and feels incredible, on and off the ice.

Watch Blake Wheeler take #theMAchallenge as he puts the power suit to the ultimate test and demonstrates its incredible performance features:

Top 6 Reasons Blake Wheeler Suits Up in Modern Ambition:

Versatile Design

Allowing him to pack light, Blake turns one simple suit into his most adaptable piece, with a few simple styling variations.

Easy-Care Fabric

The wash-and-wear, wrinkle-resistant design keeps Blake fresh and looking smart, without the hassle of dry cleaning and ironing on the road.

Travel Ready

Sleek, concealed pockets designed to hold all the essentials means he’s never fumbling to find his passport, phone or cards on the go.

Unrestricted Stretch

Movement-responsive CrossTechTwill fabric offers mind-blowing stretch with a cross diagonal weave and built-in spandex offering full range of motion for unrestricted movement.

Temperature Regulation

Blake stays comfortable from the airplane to the arena, thanks to Thermolite® technology that responds to the surrounding environment, trapping an insulating layer of air against your skin.

Anti-Odor Protection

With Polygiene® antibacterial technology that blocks odor-causing bacteria, often caused by moisture, Blake can throw his suit on post-game, no sweat!

Follow Blake’s style moves to reach new levels of comfort, versatility and fashion, perfectly suited to your lifestyle.

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