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Article: 5 Tips to Increase Productivity When Working From Home

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5 Tips to Increase Productivity When Working From Home

Whether remote working is the norm for you or working from home (WFH) has just recently become your temporary reality due to social distancing, it can be difficult to navigate this change in pace (and workplace).

So, we spoke to WFH experts to round up top tips that make the transition from working at the office to working from home a little bit easier and a lot more productive.

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1. Get Dressed.

While rolling straight out of bed and into work mode may sound appealing, it’s important to start your morning off the same way you would if you were heading into work in order to ease yourself into the day. Even though you’re working from the comfort of your home and no one will be seeing you, getting dressed in your regular office attire will put you in the mindset of getting down to business, setting your day up for success.

2. Set Up a Dedicated Workspace.

Whether you have a home office or not, a designated workspace will keep you productive and on-task. Set up your space to emulate your regular workspace as much as possible so that you have all the resources you need to be productive. Kitchen tables and islands are great spots that offer enough space to set up comfortably and often provide natural sunlight to improve your mood. Couch or bed workstations should not apply. Keep your work and leisure life separate.

3. Keep in Touch with Co-Workers.

Without face-to-face interaction with the people you see every day, things may get a little lonely. Instead of resorting to a never-ending flow of emails and instant messages, schedule daily meetings with your co-workers to keep communication channels open and morale up – just make sure you’ve followed tip #1 before hopping on video chat!

4. Time Block your Schedule.

With at-home distractions, it’s more important than ever to time block your day to ensure you’re getting done what you need to. Create to-do lists for the day and week, and slot tasks into your calendar to dedicate time to your projects and priorities to ensure they get completed.

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5. Take Breaks.

If you’re guilty of the infamous desk lunch, take the extra time you’ve gained as a result of reducing your daily commute time as an opportunity to take breaks throughout the day. Whether you take a few minutes to call a friend, go for a walk to get some fresh air or take advantage of your new in-home office space to lay down a yoga mat and do a live streamed workout, taking a well-deserved break will refuel you for the rest of your workday.

By integrating these tips into your day and setting yourself up for WFH success, you’ll find that your new remote office will allow you to be just as (if not more) productive than your typical work setting. Throw on your performance blazer, set up in your new workspace and get down to business! And don’t worry, we won’t tell your co-workers that you’re actually wearing PJ pants during your late-afternoon video conference call.

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