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Article: On World Population Day, MPG Gives Back

On World Population Day, MPG Gives Back

Young girl from Kamwokya Primary School
If you educate a man, you educate an individual. But if you educate a woman, you educate a nation. – African Proverb

We believe in supporting sustainability in all its forms, from the clothing we create to the philanthropic projects we lead.

It’s World Population Day and at MPG, we are focusing on empowering girls and women across the globe. And you can help us increase female access to education, which contributes to lower birth rates, decreases poverty, and leads to more sustainable population growth rates.

The benefits of educating and thereby empowering young girls to become independent women speak for themselves:

  • Women's education is a critical factor in drastically reducing child mortality rates.
  • Educated girls are far likelier to maintain a healthier lifestyle and, in turn, raise healthier families.
  • Each additional year of schooling will result in a 10 to 20% higher earning potential.
  • Girls who receive an education are far less likely to marry before they reach the legal age and are less susceptible to domestic abuse or spousal violence.
  • Girls who receive an education are less susceptible to fall prey to exploitative labour practices.
  • Investing in secondary schooling for girls is one of the most cost-effective tools against climate change.
  • Educating all children in any given country reduces the risk of war or conflict as extremism increases with inequality.
  • Children raised in communities with lower levels of gender inequality are generally happier and healthier.
Children in class at Kamwokya Primary School in Uganda

MPG Gives Back

The philanthropic division of our company, Mondetta Charity Foundation, presently supports a school in Kampala, Uganda. At Kamwokya Primary School, MCF has embarked upon a gender equality program to provide girls access to safe spaces to discuss sex education, provide resources to ensure no female student misses valuable school days due to menstruation, and offer pathways to vocational training to equip them with practical skills necessary to join the workforce, and thereby shatter cyclical poverty that can afflict families for generations.

Over the coming week, we will be pledging 50% of sales from our Sustainable Collection to MCF to recognize World Population Day. And because our parent company covers all administrative costs, every penny pledged to the Foundation goes precisely where it was intended: to children in need.

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If you'd like to learn more about how you can get involved with MCF, please visit

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