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Article: Spring Clean Your Tops Drawer

Spring Cleaning

Spring Clean Your Tops Drawer

A change in the seasons brings new beginnings and likely has you dreaming of ways to refresh your wardrobe. Lucky for you, we're using years of working in the fashion industry and plenty of experience reacting to new trends to help you refresh your wardrobe in the easiest and most eco-friendly ways. Here are four steps to get you started!

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1. Re-shop and Re-use

Every great wardrobe makeover starts by shopping your closet and reviewing what you already have. You'll be surprised at all the great pieces you forgot you had after a year of comfortable quarantine outfits. When going through your closet, try and separate into things into three piles; pieces that no longer work for you that can be donated, pieces that you can bring back into the rotation, and pieces that you can't let go of but might need some TLC.

The best part of refreshing your wardrobe? You can reduce the amount of clothing in landfills and update someone else's wardrobe by donating to a local organization. Here are some of the organizations we support:

Note: Depending on your local restrictions and the organization's capacity, some facilities are not currently accepting donations; you can hold onto your gently-used clothing until donations are accepted again.

Also, consider consignment – this is an excellent option for high-quality pieces that you just aren't giving enough attention to. By selling to a consignment store, you can use the proceeds to upgrade to sustainable pieces or donate to local foundations that you connect with to help pay it forward.

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2. Upcycle what you own

For the pieces that need a little tender loving care. As time passes, a lot can change. Our style choices and trends, our bodies, and our clothing needs all evolve, but this doesn't mean shopping for a new wardrobe with every change. You can give a whole new life to high-quality pieces with simple tailoring or a DIY. Try tailoring the fit to best flatter you, cropping ripped jeans into shorts or tie-dyeing your favorite stained tee.

3. Accessorize your current collection

Another way to refresh and elevate your current wardrobe is with accessories. Give a basic outfit a whole new look by adding simple accessories like a hat, jewelry stack, or bag.

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4. Shop Thoughtfully

Shop Classics
Trends come and go quickly, which is why your feelings towards your clothing pieces come and go just as fast. Prevent this by shopping for quality pieces that have a timeless fit and feel to outlast the trends.

Shop Multifunctional
Building a versatile wardrobe with pieces that can do multiple jobs will help maintain your closet organization by reducing the number of pieces in your closet and the amount of fast fashion you consume. In turn, this helps reduce the environmental impacts of the textile and fashion industries.

Shop Sustainable
The recent shift towards more sustainable manufacturing processes makes shopping sustainable more accessible for you. It also means you can shop your favorite brands, like MPG, while reducing your impact on the environment, improving individuals' and communities' livelihoods, and reducing waste. Our Spring '21 collection is 80% sustainable, with no sacrifice to performance-driven design or luxuriously soft feel so you can look good and do good for the planet.

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