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Article: How to Stay Mindful & Motivated in Cold Months Ahead

How to Stay Mindful & Motivated in Cold Months Ahead

Chelsea Williams meditating by the ocean

Master the Seasonal Shift with MPG Messenger Chelsea Williams


As the temperatures drop and the days get shorter, it’s common to experience the cold weather blues and default into hibernation mode. So, we asked MPG Messenger and Travelling Yoga Expert – Chelsea Williams – to share her best tips on how to thrive (not just survive) in the colder months to come, focusing on the connection between mindset and movement.

We all know that the colder Fall and Winter months can significantly affect our mindset, which has a direct effect on our motivation to keep moving. In fact, it’s estimated that Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects over 10 million Americans and 3 million Canadians.

To help stop this mental health slump and boost your motivation levels, Chelsea takes us through her daily routine from morning to night, demonstrating how incorporating simple self-care rituals into your everyday schedule can make a big impact on your overall wellness, all season long.

Chelsea Williams doing a yoga pose wearing a black MPG sports bra and leggings

MORNING: Start your Day with Movement.

For Chelsea, the early hours of morning present an opportunity to kickstart her day before the rest of the world wakes up. For a burst of warmth and motivation, she uses a space heater near her yoga mat to help her transition from her cozy bed to her morning practice.

“I wake up 30 minutes before my kiddos to make time for my strengthening drills on my mat every morning.”

After drinking a liter of water, a warm cup of coffee (or two) follows as a reward for embracing the day before morning light.

Chelsea Williams streching on a park bench

AFTERNOON: Get Outside to Break & Wake Things Up.

Leading yoga retreats all over the world, this busy mom of three has an unconventional work schedule but manages to keep her to-do lists in check alongside a calm mindset by consistently writing down her daily goals.

“Getting thoughts out of my head and onto paper is necessary! I’m a pen to paper kinda gal!”

When the afternoon lull hits, the best way to reinvigorate yourself is with the grounding power of nature – and a mini-tech break away from our ever-present screens – cellphone, computer or television alike. When she’s working from home in Seattle, taking a midday break for some fresh air and movement is essential.

“The cloud coverage in Seattle can be so difficult in the Fall and Winter months so getting active outside helps me immensely.”
Chelsea Williams in the outdoors wearing a red MPG jacket

EVENING: Establish a Self-Care Ritual.

No matter how busy the day gets, Chelsea knows the importance of setting time aside for herself and her self-care rituals.

“Watching sunsets is easily my favorite way to relax – whether it’s impromptu pulling over in my car to take it in, searching 'the best sunset spot' in whatever city or country I’m in, or revisiting the best views all over Seattle.”

All you need is 10 minutes to practice a self-care ritual. Even when she can’t spare the time for a sunset session, Chelsea finds a few minutes to ground herself in meditation.

“Finding time for even 10 minutes of meditation makes a huge difference in the way I look at myself and the world while instantly decluttering my mind.”

Whether it’s yoga, running, spinning, lifting or any other way you love to move, we encourage you to connect your mind to your moves in order to boost your motivation and keep you feeling strong, right though to Spring.

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