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Article: 4 Tips to Make Walking More Fun


4 Tips to Make Walking More Fun

MPG male models hiking on a hill, smiling and wearing MPG activewear

Enhance your walk with these tips to rejuvenate your walking workout.

1. Grab a Leash...

... and a few treats in your pocket—for both you and Fido, and hit the road or trail with your loyal companion to make your walk even more enjoyable. Walking your dog is not only terrific exercise for you both, but studies show that having a four-legged friend by your side increases your overall activity level.

Not a pet owner? Check-in with your local animal shelter and volunteer for weekly dog walks.

2. Grab a Friend

It can be challenging to sort out a proper catch-up with a friend when you’re in the middle of a yoga flow or giving it your all during a spin class. A weekly walk will provide you with the freedom to reconnect with the ability to keep up a conversation if you decide to increase your pace to get your heart rate up.

MPG female model basking in sunlight outdoors on a hill in California

3. Venture Off the Beaten Path

If you’re stuck in a rut walking the same route and growing bored of the usual sights and sounds, why not make an effort to try somewhere new?

Whether you’re opting for a new neighbourhood in the city or locating new trails or paths, the change of scenery will do you good.

4. Audiobooks or Podcasts

While out on your hike, take the time to learn something new by loading an audiobook or podcast on your device and lose yourself in the stories you hear.

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