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Article: Shape Magazine - Julianne Hough - Full Story

Julianne Hough

Shape Magazine - Julianne Hough - Full Story

Shape Magazine

September 2016 edition of Shape Magazine — MPG's celebrity brand ambassador Julianne Hough is on the cover wearing the her Fall Collection! Page 167 has the full story and numerous spreads of her wearing and talking about the new collection. A much-anticipated and very exciting moment for the brand and team at MPG!

MPG By Julianne Hough Collection

We at MPG are thrilled to announce a long-term collaboration with Emmy award-winning triple-threat Julianne Hough. For MPG, the choice of Julianne Hough for this special partnership is a direct extension of our core philosophy: My Performance, My Lifestyle.

“Julianne Hough is the epitome of MPG. She absolutely inspires us. Her healthy, fast-paced lifestyle requires seamless transitioning from rehearsal to social events to performances and our collection is perfectly suited for this”
– MPG CEO, Ash Modha.

I'm thrilled to partner with MPG for my active collection and I can't wait for you to check it out. I know you will love it!”
– Julianne Hough

“I started designing my athleisure line because I’m a believer in a fit lifestyle. I wanted to make clothes that are cute to work out in and that you can also go about your day in – picking up the kids, going to a meeting, getting groceries, whatever. The line makes you want to be active.”
– Julianne Hough, Shape Magazine, Sept 2016

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