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Article: Sustainability Spotlight: Poly Bags

Sustainability Spotlight: Poly Bags

Mondetta package shipping bag

Let’s talk about poly bags.

As of Fall 2021, last season, we’ve switched to recycled plastic for all of the poly bags we use to package your Mondetta Clothing purchases. Previously, only our tri-branded outer bags used to ship our apparel were recycled, but we’ve continued our commitment to even greater sustainability throughout our operations by making the change.

Still, we’d like to share some tips on how you can reuse your poly bags to extend their use before ultimately sending them off for recycling:


Here are some top tips from our team on how you can maximize the usage of your poly bags and reduce your overall environmental impact:

For Travel:

  • Store footwear while travelling.
  • Use them to separate dirty laundry while travelling.
  • Keep them on hand in your purse to cover your purse/briefcase etc., when unexpected weather strikes.

For the Household:

  • Use them as liners for smaller garbage bins.
  • Place your tablet or phone in one when you want to use your device in the bathtub.
  • Collect leftover remnants of soap bars, and when the bag is full, you can melt the pieces together to create a new bar of soap.

For the Garden:

  • Cover small pots to create a mini-greenhouse to give your plants a better environment to thrive.
  • Create starter pots for plants. Just poke a few holes in the bottoms of the bags, fill them with soil, and plant your seeds.
  • Cut the bottom off a couple of bags and wear them as knee pads to protect your clothing from getting dirty when weeding the garden.
  • If you believe an early frost is in the forecast, cover fragile plants with plastic bags to protect them from the cold.

Get creative!

There are probably tons more practical uses for poly bags; the only limitation is your imagination.

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