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We’re All In This Together

As we practice physical distancing, we hope you and your community are staying socially connected and finding creative ways to keep busy. See how Team MPG is staying inspired and focused from home, as we all do our part to flatten the curve.


“While staying connected to my co-workers throughout the day, I have been spending time with my new “co-worker” Macy, my 5-year old rescue pup. She enjoys joining in on video calls, checking emails, and falling asleep while she’s looking out the window. It’s nice to have her company while I am staying home and staying safe.”

– Rennaye, Sustainability & Compliance Specialist

Brand Marketing Team

“We like to take our team meetings outdoors when possible, to stretch our legs and get some fresh air. It’s a great incentive to get out of your pajamas and often provides a much needed laugh or two. Like a few days ago when we discovered we were all wearing the same leggings.”

– MPG Brand Marketing Team


“Even though I miss my daily face to face contact with people, I try to embrace the amazing virtual opportunities to communicate and deepen my relationships with coworkers, family and friends. Taken from my home office, this photo captures me checking some exciting new prints that we’re developing for Fall 2020.”

– Gordana, Designer


“To keep my energy levels up, I try to get in an hour-long workout during my lunch break. I’m really into all the free live workouts on Instagram that are bringing people together during these hard times. I especially love @myfituals which incorporates cardio, toning and sculpting. Her classes keep you focused, motivated and connected to a strong community!”

– Stephanie, Assistant Designer


“I love wearing my MPG Strive leggings during the day, especially in the Neutral Tie-Dye print. They’re beyond comfortable and I’m ready for my post-work walk as soon as I clock out.”

– Cindy, Designer - New Development


“I’ve been quarantining at my sister’s house, so it’s been fun to workout together to de-stress and spend time with each other after the workday! Since I don’t have my usual equipment and weights here, it turns out my 8-month old nephew is an excellent alternative 👶!”

- Cassidy, Content Marketing Specialist


“My new Dachshund coworkers have been a little disruptive. They leave toys lying around, they bark too loud and they’re constantly sleeping on the job 😉. After my workday, I keep from going stir crazy by walking with my wife and our dogs, playing video games and working on a bathroom renovation in our house.”

- Devon, Graphic Design Supervisor & Photographer


“On the way to a video conference call, my wife busted me with this photo. I’m embracing the new work-from-home routine with a business on top (Modern Ambition), comfort on the bottom (MPG) approach.”

- Tony Lavilla, Art Director