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7-Tier Traceability Audits

All of the cotton Mondetta/MPG uses in its garments undergoes stringent, 7-tier audits to ensure traceability and verifiability which allows us to back up and support every claim we make regarding our sustainable cotton.

How It Works:

Why We Do It:

By tracking the chain of custody of the cotton in its various forms throughout the sourcing to manufacturing process, MPG is able to confidently state our cotton is sustainable.

How We’re Improving:

Mondetta/MPG will conduct in-depth DNA testing to identify the origin of the cotton it uses in its apparel. This will allow the company to determine whether the raw material has been sourced from a restricted zone, as per the US Forced Labor Prevention Act.

Why Recycled?

Recycled yarn production requires far fewer resources including 59% less energy than new fibres and generates 32% less carbon dioxide emissions.

Recycled yarns, including polyester and nylon, use converted plastic waste instead of creating virgin iterations reducing the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills.

Same Quality, Less Impact

The difference between recycled yarns and virgin ones is negligible; the quality level is almost exactly the same. And using recycled yarns means less crude oil extraction for garment production.

Aiming for 100% Recycled

Looking ahead, the company is aiming to reach 100% recycled yarns but is presently limited from doing so and must still use virgin yarns in some products. Each season, however, we’re increasing the total amount of recycled yarns used and will continue striving toward the goals we’ve set out for ourselves.

Packaging & Trims

We have to ship our products to you in something and are focused on making those materials as sustainable as possible.

Look, we hate unnecessary packaging as much as you, but sometimes it’s a necessary evil. That’s why our polybags are made from 100% recycled post-consumer materials. Plus, we offer a polybag recycling program for consumers who don’t have local access to best-in-class recycling options. It’s a good start, but we know there’s more to do, and we’re constantly on the lookout for even more environmentally friendly packaging options.


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All unnecessary plastic bags in our production and delivery process are recycled at our facility through a special program with our waste contractor TerraCycle® to reduce waste and improve recycling rates before our product reaches our customers.