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Responsibility: Planet

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Digital Supply Chain Tracking

It’s one thing to say you’re sustainable; it’s another to prove it. That’s why by the end of 2023, MPG/Mondetta’s goal is to have end-to-end digital supply chain tracking with all our tier-1 suppliers, from yarn-spinning to final garment production.

We’re a Certified B Corporation™

MPG/Mondetta is a certified B Corporation™ with an initial score of 80.9.

Why does that matter? B Corporation™ companies walk the walk when it comes to using business as a source for good.

We’re audited by a non-partial 3rd party to measure our social, environmental, and economic impacts and discover where we can improve. Becoming as sustainable as possible is an ongoing journey, and becoming B Corp™ Certified is one of the steps we’ve made along the way.

Circular Economy with Treet

We know our clothes don’t disappear just because we’ve stopped wearing them. That’s why we’re committed to implementing a circular economy for everything we produce.

Starting in 2023, we’re partnering with the Treet resale platform to offer an opportunity to breathe new life into our customers’ old MPG/Mondetta gear.

Responsible Chemical Stewardship

With over 95% of our manufacturers certified by either bluesign® or OEKO-TEX®, we’re serious about eliminating harmful chemicals in our production processes to better protect our people and planet.