Ethical & Responsible

Mondetta conducts its business in a responsible manner and pays close attention to detail on important matters such as employment standards, health and safety standards, transshipment regulations, and overall operating precision and efficiency. Our commitment to compliance can be categorized into; social compliance, quality compliance and C-TPAT & WRAP certification.

Social Compliance

Mondetta chooses to engage in business with partners who endorse a high standard of operating protocols and will only partner with organizations that demonstrate a commitment to protecting workers’ rights and improving working conditions under the provisions set out in the Mondetta social compliance code of conduct. This includes factors such as compensation, working hours, health and safety, access to essential services, child & forced labor laws, nondiscrimination protocols, working environment and other key social elements. Mondetta is a proudly multicultural company with connections to many different cultures and ethnic backgrounds, which means we are always respectful and sensitive to all our team members, partners and clients.

Quality Compliance

To ensure the highest level of quality control and operating efficiency, Mondetta follows a strict set of guidelines pertaining to factors such as production process control, safe facilities, implementation and monitoring of specialized equipment and established quality control systems. We ensure that all levels of compliance requirements are executed on the production floor and in all production stages that follow afterwards through an independent, regulatory third party. When selecting a supply chain, our compliance team completes an initial, in person assessment before moving forward with any new facilities.

WRAP Certified

C-TPAT CertificationAll of the factories we choose to work with are also WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certified – promoting safe, lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing though certification and education. WRAP is the world’s largest independent factory-based social compliance certification program for the sewn products sector. A resource of knowledge and expertise for both buyers and suppliers, WRAP serves as a responsive and effective supply chain partner for every single factory that we conduct business with.

C-TPAT Certified

C-TPAT CertificationAll company procedures have been designed to follow the C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) protocol. We have a strict code of conduct that each factory must abide by in accordance with C-TPAT. This is a voluntary certification that comes with huge benefits to us and our partners. Through certification, we are able to cut back on lead time, gaining customs clearance faster and with less disruption. This certification also mitigates risk involved with our supply chain, adding immeasurable value to our business. Every two years, we are recertified by US custom officials to ensure these benefits remain intact.

Efficient Communication

Factory compliance as well as work, health and safety standards are meticulously detailed and daily communication with offices and factories around the globe ensure these guidelines are met or exceeded at all Mondetta facilities. Our online supplier portal was created to act as a specialized communication tool between our factories and Mondetta corporation, allowing for direct, streamlined and efficient transferring of information in real time. In addition to this, all of our ongoing client relationships are conveniently located here including all orders, documentation and directives. Our supplier portal is a key factor to our ongoing success in managing and improving pivotal international relationships with factories as well as client partnerships.

Fostering Progress

To promote improved service and communication, we host a conference in Asia with all of our facility vendors every two years. The conference allows us to effectively share key insights, discuss issues and solutions, set strategic goals and expectations, deliver future directives and brand directions as well as present service awards – building incentive, strategies and motivation in a team building environment.