First introduced as an innovator of globally-themed sportswear, Mondetta has grown into an established brand of ever-evolving collections. Designed for those who live actively and want fashion-forward apparel, the Mondetta brand sets itself apart by offering value-driven clothing made with exceptional quality and attention to detail.

Industry Leaders

Founded in 1986, Mondetta has evolved into an established lifestyle brand with a wide range of innovative products, leveraging its 30 plus years of industry experience.

Olympic Exposure

Mondetta served as the official uniform outfitter of the Canadian national curling team for the Winter Olympics in 2006, 2010 & 2014.

Worldly Origins

Inspired by the global village concept, the name Mondetta originates from the French word ‘monde’ for ‘world’ and the Latin suffix ‘etta’ for ‘small’ – thus meaning ‘small world.'

Originally offering simple yet sophisticated sportwear, the Mondetta brand first broke onto the scene with the vision of bringing nations and people together. Mondetta enjoyed initial groundbreaking success by featuring flags from nations around the world on their iconic sweaters. Offering superior styling and quality over the course of 30 plus years in business, Mondetta has grown into an established lifestyle brand of ever-evolving sports-casual wear with a wide range of products.

Mondetta products are distinguished by an unrivalled attention to craftsmanship and detail. This dedication to the quality and design of its products, coupled with its commitment of marketing resources, have remained defining features of the brand. We’re proud to work with industry-leading retailers around the world, leveraging our unique business proposition; innovative designs made with impeccable quality at value-driven prices. Enjoying a high level of recognition in its home country, Canada – the Mondetta brand continues to expand its international reach, growing its legacy in the world of active lifestyle apparel.


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