The Concept

Mondetta Originals creates authentic, flag-themed sweaters, designed to embrace and celebrate our cultural diversity. Featuring iconic, retro style – our detailed statement pieces strive to bring nations and people together through a modern message of a world undivided.

The History

The Mondetta message of cultural diversity was forged from our founders own lived experiences. Born in East Africa but forced out by Ugandan dictator Idi Amin, two sets of brothers found refuge in Winnipeg, Canada. Arriving virtually penniless, they had a first-hand experience of a multicultural upbringing in a country that was truly diverse.

It was during a record-setting snowstorm on the cold Canadian Prairies in 1986 that these brothers decided to create a clothing startup while stranded in a basement. At that time, communications were advancing, the world was seemingly “shrinking” and the global village concept was taking shape. To reflect the changes they were witnessing, the name ‘Mondetta’ was coined, translating to ‘small world’.

With humble beginnings…

Selling homemade t-shirts from a push cart at the beach, the Mondetta founders started small. Two years later, upon seeing a German flag fastened to the back of a VW Bug, the idea for a flag shirt was born and thus, a fashion revolution began. Global consciousness as a fashion statement took flight, momentum was gained and soon Mondetta earned an industry-wide reputation for its exceptionally designed and manufactured product. Offering simple yet sophisticated sportswear featuring flags from nations around the world, our message was advocating global harmony with the simple, yet powerful company slogan, “A World Undivided.”

Mondetta became a hugely successful, runaway brand with international demand.

Sales of the flag themed clothing reached millions in a matter of months. Growing on its initial success, Mondetta expanded into a full-service fashion brand, later retiring the iconic world flag collection. Over the years, our style has evolved. But our original vision of creating clothing that unites us and celebrates our diversity has never changed.

Fast forward to today

We believe that in the current political climate, our founding message resonates on a global scale more than ever. In a time when nations and people seem more divided and global unity feels more distant, we believe that the forces which unite us are still stronger than the forces who want to pull us apart. That’s why we have revisited our roots, creating a fresh interpretation of the flagship world sweater collection with the launch of Mondetta Originals.

Mondetta Flag Sweaters