The Mondetta message of cultural diversity was forged from our founders own lived experiences. Born in East Africa but forced out by Ugandan dictator Idi Amin, they found refuge in Canada. Arriving virtually penniless, they had a first-hand experience of a multicultural upbringing in a country that truly celebrated diversity, exemplifying the idea of a global village. Throughout the history of Mondetta, our message has remained the same, advocating global harmony in a world undivided with the simple, yet powerful company slogan, “A Spirit of Unification.”

Fast forward to today, we believe that in today’s political climate, our founding message resonates on a global scale more than ever. By revisiting our roots, we have created a fresh interpretation of the flagship collection with the launch of Mondetta Originals – with the mission of bringing nations and people together. Designed to embrace and celebrate our cultural diversity, our flag concept promotes multiculturalism and the acceptance of people from all nations that comprise the world we live in. Mondetta Originals apparel lets you showcase your pride for the country you call home while our interchangeable arm patch flags encourage you to recognize other nations you are connected to by family origin or those you stand with in spirit. Our ever-evolving world can no longer be defined by stereotypes and we believe that now, more than ever, fostering a spirit of unification is vital. If you believe in the message of Mondetta Originals, we invite you to join our movement using the official hashtag #AWORLDUNDIVIDED and share your story.

Mondetta Flag Sweaters