Ash Modha


Ash encourages his team of designers, in every department, to draw on all aspects of life and human experience when searching for inspiration and to not only look at clothing as the starting point when contemplating design.

Prashant Modha


Prashant’s innovative mindset and early adoption of technology has been instrumental in finding creative solutions for the company over the years, successfully weathering storms thanks to his can-do approach.

Raj Bahl

EVP Sales

A large part of Raj’s business philosophy is formed by the tenants of karma. Following principles of cause and effect means he insists upon fair practices with both customers and suppliers alike.

Nish Verma


Nish believes that businesses are strengthened when ideas and innovations come from all departments and levels of an organization. Understanding that companies grow and are successful when staff grow and are successful, he forges a positive and collaborative team environment where all voices are valued and heard.